Why an A380?

octobre 14, 2007

I just want to give you information about this plane.

In 1990, Airlines ask aircraft manaufacturers to create a new plane because they think that the Boeing 747 is now too small. Not enough seats. So, Airbus started to work on a project: A3XX. Airbus wanted to create a plane with new technology, confort, able to fly from Paris to Singapour without stopovers in order to refuel. For that, France, England and Germany work together in order to create the A380. Engines, wings and cables must be light, inovative and technicals.

 After a few years of work they have created the A380. The biggest plane of the world. They have choosen the number 8 because it is a lucky number in Asia and the target of this plane is Asia. Also, when you see a cut of the plane you can see an 8 because there are two decks.

The 25th of April 2005, at Toulouse-Blagnac there was the first flight of the A380. Thanks to this video you can see the first flight.


15th of October: D-Day for the A380 with Singapour Airline

octobre 14, 2007

After a lot of delays, the A380 is now on the market. Monday the 15h of october is the first commercial flight for Singapour Airline.

It is amazing to know that the biggest plane of the world is now in the air, will be for the first time delivered to an Airlines. And I hope it will be a success for Airbus because Airports have to be prepared in order to welcome a plane like the A380. this plane is bigger than the others and they must adpat terminals and Airports (2 decks ans between 550 to 850 people to exit).

Anyway, it is fabulous that is plane is now on the market. The best the beautiful one and the more technologic one….


octobre 14, 2007

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septembre 25, 2007

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